Based on a pay per use model, makes us the most convenient option.


Secure infrastructure hosted by Telefonica, in our Data Centers with the highest levels of security and the latest technology.


Our Cloud services are in the heart of our network that spans the whole America Region, assuring the best connectivity to every user in South, Central or North America. No one connects the continent like Telefonica.


It offers to companies the infrastructure they need, allowing to increase or decrease the requirements at any time.


An easy and intuitive platform that allows you to order, configure and deploy the infrastructure you need.

Based on OpenStack

Local and global support

Pay only for the hours you use. configurable servers with elastic compute, storage, databases, networking and security. It combines the following services according to your infrastructure requirements.


Elastic Cloud Server
Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a computing service that provides variable computing capability in the cloud. ECS consists of CPUs, memory, images and EVS storage (elastic storage volume).
Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling (AS) is a service that automatically adjusts resources based on your requirements and configured as policies. You can specify scale settings and policies based on your service requirements.
Image Management Service
An image contains all the information and software necessary to start an ECS instance. With IMS you can create your own image of your server in the cloud and use that image to quickly generate new ECS servers.
A BMS is a dedicated physical server that delivers the high performance computing capabilities and stability required for core application scenarios, with the flexibility of cloud resources. BMS can communicate with Elastic Cloud Servers (ECS) through private networks.


Object Storage Service
Durable, highly scalable, object-based storage service, delivered through a simple web-service interface that supports Amazon S3, can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. The customer only pays for the storage he actually uses. There is no minimum fee and no installation cost.
Elastic Volume Service
EVS are a type of virtual block-based storage devices that use a distributed architecture and can be elastically expanded. The use of EVS disks is the same as for the use of common server hard disks, and can be managed online.
Volume Backup Service
Data Volume Backup Service (VBS). It provides data protection based on snapshots on EVS disks and can be used on both ECS and Baremetal servers.


Virtual Private Cloud
VPC enables customers to have complete control over the virtual network environment. Improves network security by providing the role of security groups and allows you to use a public IP address to connect the VPC to the public network.
Elastic Load Balance
Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple instances of ECS. It enables higher application tolerance levels to be achieved by offering a comprehensive load balancing capability to distribute application traffic.

Data Base

Relational Database Service
An RDS is an online relational database service based on a cloud computing platform. RDS is reliable, scalable, secure, economical and easy to use, allowing you to deploy a MySQL database in minutes. You can deploy a single instance, two instances in high availability mode (HA), or multiple instances in cluster mode.

Administration, security e Identity

Cloud Eye Service
Cloud Eye Service (CES) is a monitoring service for the Telefonica cloud resources and the applications running on Open Cloud. You can use CES to collect and track metrics and logs, set alarms, and automatically react to changes in your Open Cloud resources.
Identity and Access Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service where cloud clients can manage users and user rights in Open Cloud.

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